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Today, the power of advertisement is so obvious that most companies that have fully understood this issue will allocate a budget for this work. Creativity and contemporary thinking together with graphic arts make it possible to obtain effective promotions that are in the mind of the viewer. Among the various video styles used to convey the message, graphics and animation have become a special place among the people. An attractive, simple and effective style that easily transmits your message. Today, the use of motion graphic has become an important rule for attracting customers. Inform your customers about your products and services with targeted and effective advertising.

The Stages of Producing a Project

Scenario and Storyboard

Scenario and Storyboard

After writing the scenario we turn it into a storyboard to provide a high-level view of a project.

Illustration and Character Design

Illustration and Character Design

Based on the storyboard and our initial analysis, we design the locations, objects and characters.

Animation and Visual FX

Animation and Visual FX

Animate is one the most important step of an animation project and we try to make a perfect Scene.

Music and Sound Effects

Music and Sound Effects

Music and SFX should be added as best as possible to make the project more attractive and beautiful.

Do you need help with your products and services? Video advertising has become one of the biggest promotional ways in the world. Motion graphic is one of the best practices for video advertising. Simple, Effective and Flexible.



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 Pixo Animation Studio has started its work in the 2D animation and motion graphic production since 2014. During these years, we have completed various projects from idea to execution to our customers according to their needs. We are proud to be the first studio to specialize in 2D animation and motion graphics production in Afghanistan.


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