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Is your business ready for 2019? In 2018, video content was clearly on the rise. So far, many businesses and marketers have successfully incorporated videos into their marketing campaigns and are already getting the positive results.

Videos have not only become an inseparable part of our personal lives but also a valuable tool for our business promotion. People watch a lot of videos and share them with their family, friends, and colleagues.

So you’re seeking a way to increase your business through web based marketing or sales, and you have video content for your website or an internet marketing campaign.

“Do I really need an explainer video?” Is a question we get a lot. Let’s talk about why we think the answer is definitely yes.

One of the most important aspects of any startup’s launch is their marketing plan.

April 2018

Fascinating Design News – Arriving Every Month
This month on Toptal Design World News, we cover everything from keyframe animations in Sketch to codeless eCommerce and design company mergers.

People are visual learners. 90 percent of the information that our brain processes on a daily basis is visual. And, it is processed 60,000 times faster than written text. These are facts that as a content marketer, you cannot neglect.

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